Ask any professional writer, plying his trade online or in print, and he will tell you that one of the most exciting moments of his career was literally from the moment it all began. No matter what genre or specialization, writing professional is not the easiest of livings to make. You really have to work hard to earn your bread and butter. But the moment of truth arrives when you know that you have what it takes to cut your slice in this business when your first article is published, online or in print. There are writing guides under recommended blog teaching platforms like for those of you who are still fairly new to this noble craft.

By the time you have successfully completed your first batch of lessons under those recommended teaching aids, being one of a few, the moment of truth will have arrived. The excitement builds as you proceed to press the ‘publish’ button on your recommended blog hosting platform. But after the excitement has passed, what happens then. That part is quite easy. Learning how to type in your blog’s posting space is just one small lesson, the first of many. So you are published, but where, exactly.

In the beginning it is not necessary for you to be too fussy about how your blog must look. You are still on a learning curve and with practice, in time, your blog will be positioned to look, feel and work perfectly. Now it is all about focusing on the basics. This is good for your learning outcomes. Where blog design is concerned, do not place too much emphasis on that either. Once you are reasonably well acclimatized with your blog’s infrastructure, you can always go back to your blog host’s extensive bouquet of attractive themes and choose therefrom.

In fact, a good recommendation is that you go in for what is referred to as a premium theme. For this you will be required to pay a fee. But these paid for themes come with a host of extras that are of benefit to your blog’s effectiveness in being attractive to viewers and being commercially viable, both practically and monetarily. Your look and feel is wholly professional, and at the same time search engines are also recognizing this fact, so much so that the visual appearance of your blog can be promoted up its rankings.

It is important that your blog’s theme is also fully compatible with all tools and devices being used regularly by visitors. The theme looks just so on your desktop or laptop screen. But it must be equally attractive and functional to anyone viewing your blog’s landing page from their mobile device which, of course, carries a much smaller screen. By now, you may be getting the picture. If not, that is quite alright. Because your recommended blog instructor will be providing you with more extensive advice on how this works and how you make it work.