Oh, alright, unless you are desperate and starving, there is one thing that you won’t be consuming. You won’t be chowing on pellets. Unfortunately, because it is quite a time-consuming challenge to provide your rabbits with hearty and wholesome food every day, you may have no alternative but to utilize the pellet brands to realize your rabbits’ daily nutritional requirements. Fortunately, however, there are pellet food sources today that live up to those expectations.

Given that you do own at least a pair of rabbits, the onus is on you to expend a bit more time and money, but not trouble, in providing for your pets’ rabbit foods balanced requirements. Utilizing pellet based food is unavoidable at the best of times because your lifestyle does not allow you to be at the beck and call of your rabbits for the better part of your day. While fresh food cannot be provided in your absence, pellets, well and truly, fill those gaps between meals.

Through utilizing pellets, you are better able to control the volumes of food that a rabbit will consume during the day during your absence. There is next to no danger of the cage animal overfeeding itself through boredom. Also, rabbits can, at times, curb their appetites, depending on its moods. So in that sense, fresh produce replaced by pellets does not need to go off. You can reserve the preferred fresh goods for when you are at home with your rabbit and still control what it eats.

rabbit foods

In order to make the pellet food experience as palatable as possible for the rabbit, there needs to be a focus on providing a mix or variety. Rabbits are just as fixated over color as we are. So here you are able to provide a pellet bowl with a variety of color. Each color coded pellet contains different nutrients. Yes, there is a possibility that the rabbit will be eyeing a firm favorite, neglecting other essentials. Again, you remain in a position to monitor this and can feed the animal accordingly before you leave the house.

In an ideal domestic environment, however, you will be providing your pet with as much variety as possible. You will be especially focusing on feed that is essentially good for the animal. With water there is simply no compromise. The rabbit’s water tray must be replenished at all times with fresh water. If water is stale or dirty, it needs to be replaced. This is a bit of a challenge if you are away and the rabbit is left alone.

So, what do you and your rabbit have in common to eat at mealtimes? It’s much the same as what your health oriented nutritionists would be advising for your dietary requirements. Lots of leafy greens and colorful fruits and vegetables. Add dietary fiber to your rabbit’s daily nutrition and you are on the way towards keeping the rabbit healthy, given it lack of room for exercising within its cage.